Camping Hacks!

It’s finally camping season in Western Colorado!

Here’s some of Aly B’s favorite camping hacks:

  1. Prep for dinner: If you’re planning on making burgers (easy dinner) make sure your raw meat is shaped and ready to be thrown on the grill. I like to shape the burgers, and place them all on parchment paper and then stack them. Then put them in a container in the cooler. Put all your buns in a ziplock in your food bin.
  2. Pack all of your condiments into small cups with lids (condiment cups) and then place all of those cups into one large Tupperware in the cooler. This way no water gets into your condiments.
  3. Preparing breakfast – easiest thing we do is make breakfast burritos or sandwiches at home the day before, then wrap them in foil. Place all the wrapped food into a gallon zip-lock bag and store in the cooler. When you’re ready for breakfast, get the fire going and then toss those onto the grill grate. Flip them over after about 5 minutes, or sooner depending how hot your fire is.
  4. Camping bins: these are life savers. See the picture below on what you should keep in each bin. These are super helpful with awkward shaped items and smaller things like cooking utensils, plates, trash bags, etc. We have a utility bin and a food bin, since most of our sleeping items fit inside our backpacks.
  5. Packing the cooler: You want to make sure you don’t need to dig to the bottom of the cooler for the things you need first. We like to freeze gallon jugs of water. This way they work as a giant ice pack for the cooler, and as they melt you have more water.
  6. ROASTED STARBURST: you read that right. Roasted. Starburst. Take the big fork or hanger you usually roast marshmallows with and switch that bad boy out for a starburst. Roast them over the fire just until they get a little bubbly, let it cool and then enjoy the magic!
  7. Use metal pans for food: when you’re finished cooking on the campfire, you need somewhere to put the food. We buy the disposable cake pans with lids, this way your food stays warm in the foil pan, but you can cover it and keep it protected from bugs until you want to eat. Toss em in your trash bag when you’re finished.
  8. Set up, then have fun. It’s easy to get to your campsite and want to play around or hike when you first arrive, but it’s important to get your camp set up first – this way you don’t end up trying to set the tent up in the dark (NOT easy). If you set up first, then you’ll actually be able to relax after that hike!

Got any more camping hacks we should know about? Tell us! Comment below!

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