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KFC Chickendales For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and KFC is cooking up something hot for all the moms out there. Mamas, it’s time to meet the “Chickendales.” Take a listen to what we think about it:...

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Scott & Aly Try New Easter Peeps

We like to try new things on The Outlaw, and sometimes, it’s so you don’t have to. That’s the case with these new Peeps, just in time for Easter, flavored Party Cake. Listen below AND watch the video!...

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GIANT Charmin Roll

Charmin has unveiled its latest creation in the world of toilet paper and it’s HUGE. The new “Forever Roll” has Charmin’s signature ultrasoft 2-ply sheets and reportedly hold 850 sheets for a single-user roll. Double your fun with 1,700 sheets...

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Pickle Juice & Fitness

The latest trend in fitness is the juice that turns cucumbers into pickles – that’s right, pickle brine. We’re not too sure about this one…listen below!...

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LIVE at the RV Show!

This weekend is the Daily Sentinel RV Show, and yesterday we were broadcasting live from the show! Check out some of the cool video tours of the RV’s available at the show – featuring  Aly B and Ed Chandler! Watch below: Welcome to the RV Show! Touring...

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