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Scott Staley

Scott Staley has been a familiar voice on the radio in Western Colorado for almost 20 years. How did he get started in radio? He was too ugly for TV and too illiterate for print…. so radio it was!  Seriously though, Scott got his start in radio by winning a contest at a rock station in Oklahoma City… a few months later, he was on the air. Since then, He has won 1 national and over a dozen Colorado Broadcast Association Awards of Excellent for his morning show, and production.  Scott also spent 4 years as a Music Research Specialist for Premiere Radio Networks in Los Angeles. He’s always good for a laugh… even if it’s at his own expense. Scott has been with Grand Junction Media since December 2018 as the Operations Manager over our radio stations.

More about Scott: Scott is originally from Central Illinois but has called Western Colorado home since 2000. He is married, has two daughters, and three grandchildren. His mother is from London, and his father was a Hatfield (as in Hatfield’s and McCoy’s) which explains a lot! Scott is an avid lover of music, and in his spare-time he is a stand-up comedian.

Aly B

Aly B is a new voice to your radio waves, but has 5 years of experience working behind the cameras at TV stations in Dallas, Texas. Aly is a born & raised Texan, a former college and professional cheerleader – and has a National Collegiate Championship ring to show for it. You might catch a backflip every now and then off the diving board, or someone’s shoulders. While in TV, she’s worked on talk shows, cooking shows, country music shows and newscasts. Aly has had the opportunity to meet a number of celebrities, comedians and athletes including Rob Schneider, Jerry Springer and Michael Irvin.

More about Aly B: Born & raised in Dallas, Texas. Married with one dog (for now). Any weekend you can catch Aly and her husband hiking around the Colorado National Monument, kayaking the Colorado River or camping up on the Mesa. She is an avid lover of comedy, and her biggest comedy idols are Tina Fey and Jim Gaffigan. She loves to eat. A lot. Always. She also has a huge passion (and collection) of all things related to Harry Potter. And Marvel. And Disney. Okay, she’s just a giant child, which she’ll tell you herself. Follow on Instagram: @AlyBradio

Posts From The Show:

GIANT Charmin Roll

Charmin has unveiled its latest creation in the world of toilet paper and it’s HUGE. The new “Forever Roll” has Charmin’s signature ultrasoft 2-ply sheets and reportedly hold 850 sheets for a single-user roll. Double your fun with 1,700 sheets...

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Pickle Juice & Fitness

The latest trend in fitness is the juice that turns cucumbers into pickles – that’s right, pickle brine. We’re not too sure about this one…listen below!...

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LIVE at the RV Show!

This weekend is the Daily Sentinel RV Show, and yesterday we were broadcasting live from the show! Check out some of the cool video tours of the RV’s available at the show – featuring  Aly B and Ed Chandler! Watch below: Welcome to the RV Show! Touring...

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Aly Goes Snowboarding

This last weekend Aly attempted to snowboard for the first time. It went about as well as you would expect, listen below! A huge thanks to Dylan at Powderhorn for being patient, even...

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Happy Pi Day!

Today is Pi day, and while it’s for the mathematical number, we like regular pie better. Listen below!

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