Weekend In The Country

Sundays 6am – 8am

Country Music listeners across America love weekends… and WEEKEND IN THE COUNTRY with Craig Orndorff makes weekends even better! In a fast-paced two hour voyage through time, each episode spotlights one memorable week in Country Music between 1975 and 1999.

Craig counts down that week’s Top 20 Country hits, direct from the Billboard Country charts, and his timeline trivia and pop culture nuggets really bring back the memories! Air it anytime to add sizzle to your Saturday or Sunday. Perfect for weekend mornings.

Host Craig Orndorff will voice show opens, closes, sponsor IDs, tags, promos and liners for your station at no charge. He’s committed to making the show sound great on your station!

Weekend In The Country is the ultimate in weekend destination listening. It’s sure to keep your listeners entertained and asking for more!